Nova Scotia Criers Nova Scotia Criers Gary Long town crier since 1984. Represents Middleton and Berwick. 129108672 Ozzie Stiles town crier since 1983. Represents Bridgewater. 129366652 Jim Stewart town crier since 1992. Represents New Glasgow. 129366650 George Dooley town crier since 1991. Represents Westville. 129189776 Peter Davies town crier since. Represents Annapolis Royal. 129189775 Garry Zwicker town crier since 2001. Represents Chester. 129366653 Jack Langlois town crier since xxxx. Represents Stellerton. 129366651 Bob Raoul town crier since XXXX. Represents East Hants 129003439 David Olie town crier since xxxx. Represents Yarmouth. 129004184 Greg Fenwick town crier since xxxx. Represents Lower Sackville. 129004679 Lt. Governor's Garden party Peter, Lloyd, Ozzie, Garry, Gary (Greg and Jim arrived later) 129108347 Lloyd Smith town crier since 1978. Represents Windsor. 129543641 George "Chuddy" Charker He was a town crier on Halifax, NS during the late 1830s and into the 1840s. He is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery in Halifax. He died in 1845. 151722807 George "Chuddy" Charker d. 1845 151722808 Gary Long and the Guild Junior Town Crier Julien Keith This was at the 2012 Apple Blossom Children's Parade. Julien has joins us for several years at Apple Blossom time. 157059864 David Olie & Greg Fenwick At the 2012 Apple Blossom Children's Parade 157059865 Allie MacInnis, Sydney Cape Breton not to be confused with Sydney Australia!!! Allie has rejoined the fold after a hiatus. Glad to have you back Allie!! 157059866 Bob Raoul, Allie MacInnis with Lloyd Smith back to, David Olie & Greg Fenwick in the background and Julien Keith way out front 157059867 The Criers at the 2012, 80th Apple Blossom Festival Children's parade David Olie, Greg Fenwick, Allie MacInnis, Lloyd Smith, Julien Keith, Gary Long, Bob Raoul 157059868 Lloyd Smith 157059869 Ozzie Stiles 157059870 Peter Davies, Gary Long, George Dooley 157059871 John McGee Lunenburg town crier 180180157 2012 L.G. Garden Party Peter Davies chatting with one of the L.G.s RCMP aides. 158380693