Nova Scotia Guild of Town Criers



About Town Criers

  1. What is a town crier?

    The Town Crier is a person who, during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, went about the manor, village, town or city proclaiming the news of the day, announcing new laws and edicts on behalf of the Lord of the Manor, Mayor, City Council, or King/Queen. Also the town crier could be hired to advertise for merchants, cry for the return of lost children and cows, along with a multitude of other things that newspapers, radio, television and the internet and text messaging do today. In some communities, he was hired as required and had no special clothing. In other communities he was held in high esteem, wore a livery and badge of office and was recorded for posterity in the lists of dignitaries of the community.

  2. Can anyone be a Town Crier?

    Anyone who feels that they can be in the public eye, have a loud, clear voice, is willing to dress distictively and can be accredited by the mayor and Council of the community he/she wishes to represent can try out to be a modern day town crier.

  3. Can I make a living being a Town Crier?

    In a nutshell - NO!

  4. I am a female, can I be a Town Crier?

    Certainly! Throughout recorded history there have been many women as town criers and there are many top women town criers today in the competitive circles.

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